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Home nursing service is not always needed. Homely Hands Healthcare is there for you 24/7 to provide the best home nursing service. A nursing care service is required for the elderly, post-surgical, cognitively impaired, chronic illness disabled, and other care. Homely Hands Health Care can help you find the best nursing care services in Gurgaon/NCR. Homely Hands Healthcare employs only certified nurses to provide the home care service. Homely Hands Healthcares original goal in offering home nursing services is to ensure that each person can live independently in their own homes with their loved ones. Homely Hands Healthcare assigns expert and specialized nurses to each client based on their needs. Homely Hands Healthcare offers nursing services for all types of patient care, including newborn care and other specialties.

Important tasks undertaken by our Nurses:

  • Nursing and medical management: They take care of the injury, wound, and administer all medical treatments. This includes injections, dressing, suctioning, suction, and tracheotomy.
  • Diet care & Nutrition: Our nurses make sure that the patients do not consume intoxicating substances. They prepare and provide all of the necessary items for the patient.
  • Personal Care: Patients require proper hygiene and cleanliness. Our nurses sponge the patient at the bed and make sure they shower. You must take good care of your oral hygiene, cleanliness, and comfort.
  • Mobility and Assistance: Helps patients walk, sleep properly, exercise, and perform other vital physical activities.
  • Toileting: Help with changing a colostomy bag or diapers.
  • Vital Monitoring: Tracks weight, sugar level, blood pressure, body temperature, etc.
  • A companionship: The nurse will tend to build a healthy relationship with the patient, which leads to a positive state of mind. With their friendly and polite nature, they support the patient emotionally and mentally.

Nursing Duties:-

  •  Injections & IVs Insertion
  •  IV Fluid Insertion
  • Maintain Patient Nursing Notes/Medicine Charting
  • Assist in feeding/Ryles tube feeding
  • Help in fluid intake
  • Administering Drugs/Medicine
  • Wound Dressing
  • Empty urine cathether bag
  • Oral Hygiene
  • Input Output Charting
  • Sponging
  • Do Nursing Procedures like Ryles tube Insertion/Catheterization/Cannulation with Doctor advice
  • Vital Sign Charting
  • Give Dr Prescribed Medicine and Injectables
  • Cathether Care
  • Bed Sore Care and dressing
  • Tracheostomy Care and Suctioning
  • Colostomy Stoma Care
  • Mobility And Basic Exercise
  • Assist with walking and home exercises
  • Turn position in bed
  • In Emergency Give CPR and Follow Doctor Medical Advice
  • Restrict fluids (when asked to do so)

Homely Hands Healthcare, the most ethical and dedicated nursing company in Gurgaon, NCR, and other places, provides you with the highest quality and fastest recovery and revival.

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